Enercap Holdings Pte. Ltd

Solving BIG societal and environmental challenges that impact everyday life.



Enercap Holdings Pte. Ltd. is a deep tech holding company that delivers solutions to big societal and environmental challenges that impact everyday life. As a holding company, Enercap owns the technologies, and consolidates capital formation and financial performance, while its operating companies develop, manufacture and sell products made from the technologies. Enercap’s current portfolio includes advanced energy storage, next-generation power control systems, ultra-fast EV charging stations and long-range, fast charging, EV storage systems.

Enercap Power Industries LLC, incorporated in Dubai, UAE, is a wholly owned subsidiary which is the licensee distributing encapsulated capacitor-based stationery energy storage including Enpack (utility scale), Encap (backup and telecom), Enwall (residential) and Ensega (RV, boating, consumer). Enercap Power also distributes Enseries products which are next-generation power control systems for solar and storage applications.
WRL Technologies Inc., incorporated in Delaware, USA, is a wholly owned subsidiary which is the licensee developing high-energy density, long-range, fast-charging, capacitor-based EV energy storage called Batterix.

Infusion Power Industries LLC, incorporated in Dubai, UAE, is a joint-venture manufacturing facility that provides manufacturing services to Enercap Power.



The global energy landscape is rapidly evolving, and energy storage is at the forefront of this transformation due to increasing adoption of electrified transportation and decarbonization of the power and industrial sectors. While chemical battery technology has made significant progress over the past decade, its limitations are proving to be a hindrance to the pace of the energy transition.

A new storage paradigm needs to be quickly deployed at scale, that can meet the complex demands of renewable based systems and electrification, otherwise, the potential consequences can be catastrophic for the planet.

Enercap Holdings has invented electrostatic, encapsulated-capacitor based energy storage, as an alternative to chemical storage. Enercap’s electrostatic storage delivers magnitudes better performance than chemical batteries, across all applications from AA rechargeable cells to MWh grid storage and long-range, fast-charging EV storage.

Enercap’s stationery storage technology family of products (Enpack, Enwall, Encap, Ensega) deliver the lowest levelized cost of storage (LCOS) with the technical performance necessary for decarbonization, predictably, sustainably and at scale. There is no capacity degradation over life*, the widest operating ambient temperature range, no thermal runaway risk and environmentally sustainable – all of which lead to more expanded storage options that are otherwise not feasible or possible with chemical batteries. Enercap manufactures and globally distributes utility scale, backup, residential, telecom, microgrid, RV, boating and consumer applications solutions.

*conditions apply. 

Enercap’s mobility storage technology, Batterix, which is based on solid-state encapsulated capacitor technology, has the highest energy density, shortest charge time and longest range ever achieved in the industry. Enercap has several joint development projects in progress, that are based on deploying Battreix-based solutions in vehicles to demonstrate the technology’s capabilities. The adoption of Batterix instead of chemical batteries will transform the EV industry.




Enercap’s Encap, Enwall and Ensega family of residential energy storage products are the safest, longest lasting and most environmentally sustainable energy storage products in the market. Easy to install, quick to commission and degradation free, Enercap’s residential storage solutions deploy leading materials science and power electronics technology to deliver predictable, reliable and safe storage solutions.


Enercap’s Ensirius storage, with its multiple cycling capability, degradation free attribute and long cycle life, is the telecom industry’s go to storage solution delivering the best performance at the lowest cost in the industry for BTS, data centre and fixed line network applications.



Enercap’s Enbox solutions deliver reliable, stable, consistent, and maintenance-free electricity affordably, and can be deployed from kWh to MWh and supply power to any kind of application.

Grid - Enpack


Enercap’s Enpack solutions deliver grid services to network operators and stability and resilience to renewable energy generation systems, at the lowest LCOS in the industry, with the lowest environmental footprint.



Enercap’s Batterix solution delivers the longest range, shortest charge time, widest operating temperature range, longest life and lowest environmental footprint in the industry and is going to set the benchmark for EV storage.


Waseem Ashraf Qureshi

Inventor, CEO and CTO

Waseem Ashraf Qureshi is the inventor, CEO and CTO of Enercap Holdings. As the inventor of each technology, Waseem leads the direction of the business based on the vision for each technology with a consolidated strategy that leverages the core strengths of each of the individual operating companies.

As the Company now scales and strives to achieve its goal to be the world’s leading technology group in energy storage, Waseem is focused on building the organization to deliver a high-quality product portfolio across multiple markets across multiple geographies through Enercap’s unified brand message.


Waseem has spent the past 35 years, successfully inventing and commercializing technologies that have changed the business landscape in which they operated. His brilliance lies in deploying existing parts and materials and bringing magnitudes of improvement through innovative and creative electronic hardware and firmware design.

Waseem is an electronics graduate of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan and lives in Dubai with his wife and three children.

Saad Zaman

Chief Investment Officer

Saad is the Chief Investment Officer of Enercap Holdings and is responsible for capital raising, investments, joint ventures, and compliance and ESG functions.

Saad has more than 25 years of experience in leadership positions in organizations like Citibank, where in his last role, he led the Investment Banking Business for the Middle East and the Levant. He also served as the Managing Director and Global Islamic Finance Head for Citi.

Subsequent to Citi, Saad was associated with Dubai Islamic Bank (Government of Dubai) where he served as CEO for the Investment
Banking Business and International Operations.

He was the founder and CEO of DIB Pakistan, where he led DIB’s international expansion into a number of other regional markets. Saad has held various Board and Advisory positions with leading businesses like Citi, DIB, Etisalat International, and DP WORLD Group.

Over the past 13 years, Saad has also led the development of solar and wind projects, in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, partnering with financial institutions such as US DFC and FMO Netherlands and IFU Denmark.

Saad is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA, has three children and lives with his wife in Dubai.

Omer Ghani

Chief Strategy Officer

Omer is the Chief Strategy Officer of Enercap Holdings and is responsible for overseeing the Company’s long-term strategic initiatives to achieve its mission of bringing technology solutions to big, energy-related problems. Passionate about energy access, combatting climate change and a firm belief that solutions to energy problems already exist, Omer tirelessly ensures that the Company’s mission is achieved.

With over 10 years of experience in the energy and battery technology sector, and over 35 years business strategy experience in multiple industries across multiple geographies, Omer has a track record of successfully identifying and capitalizing on emerging market trends.

He spearheads efforts to identify and evaluate new market opportunities and technology and business partnerships that align with the Company’s mission.

Omer is a strong advocate for environmental sustainability and believes that non-chemical energy storage technology will be a driving force in the transition to renewable energy sources.

Omer is married with two children, lives in Dubai and is a graduate of Columbia University, New York, USA, with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Bilal Sheikh

Chief Marketing Officer

Bilal is the Chief Marketing Officer for Enercap Holdings and is responsible for the sales, marketing and commercialization of the group in fulfilling its vision to becoming a marker leader in the energy storage, power electronics and energy management industries. Bilal is driven by his mission to bring environmental sustainability to the planet as well as bringing technology driven sustainable development to impoverished parts of the world.

Bilal has been working in distribution, brand development and marketing for over 25 years. He has worked tirelessly in activating brands in multiple industries by effectively building and executing marketing plans, sometimes in very challenging markets.

Bilal has been an executive member of a number of successful startups since the age of 19 and has learnt that hard diligent work, research and the constant drive to reach your end goal is the key to success.

Bilal is married with 4 children and resides in Dubai. He was born in London, United Kingdom and has a degree in Environmental Development from the University of Durham, Durham, UK.

Omar Masrur

Chief Operations Officer

Omar is the Chief Operating Officer of Enercap Holdings and is responsible for overseeing and re-engineering the day-to-day operations of the group to enable large scale operations in multiple geographies, sectors, and industries. With prior experiences in energy, technology, private equity, c-suite engagements, investment banking/M&A, and business consulting, Omar brings a multi-dimensional perspective to management of operations to address the diverse needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Omar has over 32 years of experience across USA, Asia Pacific, and Middle East, working with reputable names including SAP AG, Citibank, and Dubai Islamic Bank.

He also co-founded a startup. In his last role, he was CEO of two wind power generation plants and, earlier, in Dubai, he architected the creation and launch of Middle East’s first REIT for DIB where he managed investments of USD 2+ billion.

Omer has two children, lives in Dubai and is an electrical engineering graduate from MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and also holds an MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

Aamer Chishti

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer of Enercap Holdings, Aamer is responsible for group finance. He has more than 25 years of experience in investment banking, power generation and oil & gas sectors. He has held senior positions at ABN AMRO Asia Corporate Finance Limited, WorldCall Broadband Limited, TransAsia Gas international LLC, UAE, Libyan Emirates Oil Refining Company DMCC.

Aamer lives in Dubai, is an MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan and holds an electrical engineering degree from University of Engineering &Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

Alina Solea

Chief Administrative Officer

Alina is the Chief Administrative Officer of Enercap Holdings with 15 years of senior leadership experience in administrative operations and is responsible for managing all aspects of the group’s human resources, real estate and workplace services, safety and security and regulatory compliance.

Alina has been with the group since it was founded and has held positions of increasing responsibility across a variety of business areas. Her strong, accomplished leadership continues to be integral in creating a workplace culture where employees can be themselves, grow and learn and where inclusion, transparency and equity are valued.

She is passionate about the Company’s mission and challenges the status quo to make things better for employees and ultimately customers.

Alina is a graduate in French from Saint Pierre University, Paris, France, and lives in Dubai with her daughter.